Kismet by TIKK MUSIC

Kismet in many different languages means the lot that we receive as we enter the world. It is our ticket to the game of life. Some things are already written in the book of destiny, others are yet to be discovered. Some things we bear in us since the birth of our souls, others we still need to experience for growth of our society’s consciousness. The uncertainty is what drives us to go further than before and faith stays always as a loyal companion.

The Kismet of TIKK is not a piece of cake! There have already been many obstacles on their way and certainly there are many more to come. Only together will they be able to successfully fulfill their destiny.

A quote by TIKK: ”Only the night makes the day look bright.”  

There is still a long way ahead of us even though time seems to run out.

Hope always dies last and Kismet will always be revealed at the end.